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Chemistry Lesson

I’m a coach, the founder and managing partner of Business Constellations, a systemic coaching business providing leadership, team and organisational development coaching for UK and European businesses with an international presence. I also lead the teaching team at Coaching Constellations and share the stance, principles and practices of systemic coaching through constellations with coaches worldwide.

My work is informed by my own experience in business as a follower, as an executive leader and as a founder. This commercial experience is blended with my training as a coach, as an MBTI practitioner and with my continuous development and learning with systemic constellations as applied to personal and business systems.

This site was my first attempt at writing, after just a couple of years of coaching, back in 2007.

The site you are now looking at is much the same as it was then apart from a visual refresh, made ten years later, in the summer of 2017.

For my book ‘Systemic Coaching & Constellations’ please see here.

Some of the contexts in which I work

Start at the end
Take in the whole system
Acknowledge what is
Not about you
Choose your clients
Everything else . . .


With thanks to all those I was lucky enough to meet in ‘chemistry meetings’ in those first couple of years as a coach. Individuals who made their choice about going on a personal and professional journey.

In particular to Ed and to Charles also to Ben, Sarah, Laura, Jeff, Celia, Peter, Jill, Giles, Jude, Simon, Kim, John, Jayne, Dave, Ian, Liz, Maria, Chris, Jean, Kiera, Dorothy, Lina and David.

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